Designed to Make you a PROgrammer.

Full time, 12 Weeks, immersive experiential learning.

Learn how to build complete, high performance apps using the JavaScript stack with NodeJs, AngularJS, Express and MongoDB. Each of you will be part of a small team that is tasked with building and releasing a real product. Over 75% of your time during the course will be spent on code. You will be mentored by tech-leads and your products will be reviewed and guided by industry experts. Designed and taught by top-of-the-class practitioners and faculty respectively, the course is custom-built for those who don’t want to become just another programmer.

An elite-programming course, the course is built for those who are mentally wired to stop at nothing short of being the best. You will be immersed in a real product engineering environment. You will have to go beyond programming skills to master the skills that distinguish the best product engineers. Learn Continuous integration, automation, DevOps and the best of SCRUM and other Agile disciplines. Experience how to handle incomplete requirements, scanty documentation, broken test cases, check ins that break builds, and several other challenges.

Over a span of 12 weeks you will learn web technologies around the JavaScript stack that are most in demand today. You’re taught to master building single-page applications similar to Trello, Gmail and Facebook.

Build a solid GitHub presence and production-grade web applications. If becoming an ace programmer is what you’ve got on your mind, hop aboard the roller-coaster ride, this course is crafted just for you.

the mean stack

Powers some of the world’s best large-scale web applications with a single JavaScript based programming paradigm from the browser to the server
Relevant, hot technology
  • MMongoDB
  • Eexpress
  • Aangularjs
  • Nnode.js

150% Growth In Job Postings

Top Most Developer Skills

4312 Job Posting just in hyderabad
with less than 1 year experience

Node Js, Angular Js are the among the top 5 most wanted platforms


Think of it this way, we teach you to become really good product engineers. You learn by experiencing things in an apprentice mode. Our curriculum is designed by experts from the industry. Who else know what the industry needs better?

Heard of Javascript stacks and modern single page applications? You will be taught to be a pro at all of that. You’ll be immersed in HTML5 and CSS3 and get to build responsive applications that work across devices. Along the way you will work with that old workhorse JQuery as well as frameworks such as AngularJS, React.js, EmberJS and backbone.js. You will be learning about JavaScript Prototypes, OO and MVC frameworks with JavaScript, how to develop custom libraries and build real-time apps. You will build server side apps with Node.Js, Express and using both SQL and NoSQL backends like MongoDB, Redis and Cassandra.

But that is about half of what you go through. You are also immersed in a top-class product engineering environment and you will be steeped in this discipline. So pair-programming, test-first development, small sprints, daily standup meets are standard. Continuous integration and dynamic teams teach you how to really work with version control systems and not break builds. Remember, your goal is to release a real product - so we are ruthless about quality and automated testing. And finally to be productive you have to automate like crazy by using scaffolding tools and task runners like Yeoman, Grunt, Gulp and Bower.

And there is a little more. Entrepreneurship from real entrepreneurs, high performance design and usability engineering. Those three little elements that are so critical to building great products. We structure these as speciality weeks where genuine industry experts interact with you in each of these areas.

Finally, you learn how to professionally showcase your products. Are they not the ultimate demonstrators of the competency you acquired?







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This is an elite program and we are selective about who joins it. You need to have a basic programming ability in a language like Java. The admission process includes a real programming test, an aptitude test, and an interview. Candidates who pass are admitted into the program.


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